About Montana Treasures: 

Montana Treasures is a part of the national "America's Treasures".   We've researched facts about Montana and we've discovered all types of people, places and things from around the state.


Now we are planning to roll out Montana Treasures on a larger scale.  We're telling you the stories you'll find fascinating.   You'll discover facts about Montana in categories such as History, Arts, Entertainment, Geography, Sports and General Trivia. 


There's a wealth of information about Montana just waiting to be uncovered.  That's what we do.  We discover the little known facts that are buried all around you.  You'll be surprised at what we will uncover.  And there's always more to be discovered so share in the vast wealth of information that is Montana Treasures.


Join us on the adventure as we travel the state in search of Montana Treasures.



Welcome to Montana Treasures!



Montana Treasures uncovers the stories behind the trivia questions.   Traveling all over the state, we reveal golden nuggets of fascinating facts.  Discover the stories about Montana's Trivia such as…. 

      Battle of Little Bighorn

      Yellowstone National Park

      Gary Cooper


      The list is endless! 


Montana Treasures is unique. It connects with community from a grassroots level.  

“Montana Treasures” appeals to family viewership while also being of interest to history buffs, community leaders, tourists.  It includes a website where viewers can participate in the discovery of trivia facts and stories which keeps people involved.


Check out these trivia facts from America's Treasures: 

   1. Where can you find the dive capitol of the world?

   2. Name the city with the first skyscraper.

  3. Where was Babe Ruth born?

  4. Where was the first rocket created?

  5. Name the largest cereal company in the world.

  6. Name the largest cave in America.

  7. Mount Vernon was home to what U.S. President?



1. What is America's first National Park?


Answer 1

General Trivia: 

2. Name the museum on the site of "The Battle of the Little Bighorn".


Answer 2


3. What Billings mansion was designed by the architect of the Waldorf Astoria?


Answer 3


4. Who starred in the movie "Sergeant York"?


Answer 4


5. What is the National Historic Landmark of the first woamn elected to the House?


Answer 5


6. What place is known as "the Birthplace of Montana"?


Answer 6

General Trivia: 

7. What is Montana's nickname?


Answer 7


8. What Pulitzer Prize-winning author wrote "The Way West"?


Answer 8


9. What actor's birthname is Dirk Niewoehner?


Answer 9


10. What site was created by act of Congress in 1964?


Answer 10


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We are traveling the nation in search of fascinating facts!  We are uncovering treasures from every state.  We would love to have you on our search team.  So as we visit your state, you can help us discover the stories behind the trivia around you!  Just let us know about you.  Register on our site and list yourself as an expert.  You are an expert on something, right?


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